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Mommy, Stay Home

August 1, 2011

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About Tiffany Twist:
Wife. Mother. Author. Entrepreneur. Visit for further information.

About Tiffany Twist Books:
Tiffany Twist is the author of Tiffany Twisted (June 2004 by et al Publishing, 2011 Enhanced Version [Kindle Edition]) and Some Dance (May 2005 by et al Publishing, 2011 Enhanced Version [Kindle Edition]).

Watch Tiffany Twisted: the book trailer, here.

Tiffany Twisted–The Poems available on Amazon for $.99! Download your copy today!

About Tiffany Twist Businesses:
Tiffany Twist is the founder and owner of ManeMaxx® and West Coast Hair® and inventor of a patent-pending hair extension method and technique with an amazing new bonding technology for strand-by-strand hair extensions which are easy-to-apply with no glues and simple to remove with no chemicals.
Retail home-application hair extensions:
Hair extensions services:
Local hair extension installations by Tiffany Twist:

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