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Tiffany Twist is the author of Tiffany Twisted (June 2004 by et al Publishing) and Some Dance (May 2005 by et al Publishing). Wife. Mother. Entrepreneur.

For more information on ordering Tiffany Twist Books, visit EBook editing by Purist Proofing, Minneapolis, MN.

Bio and fun: and

Tiffany Twist is the owner and founder of a patent-pending hair extension method with 2 companies, ManeMaxx® (do-it-yourself hair extensions) and West Coast Hair® (supplier/provider to stylists and salons).

For information in Tiffany Twist Companies, please visit and

  1. Hi,
    As a fellow entrepreneur and one time auditioner of a reality show for inventors (Homemade Millionaire), I can relate! Come over to and connect with some other fabulous inventors! Right now I am months away from launching SassaB™ and I am documenting the process of taking an invention and bringing it to market on my blog.
    Hope to see you there!

    • Hi Tracy! Thank you for your comment! I am going to check your link out. Having other inventor/entrepreneur connections would be great! One thing, I think you should copy this plug to the blog “No Cigar” to have it connected with the whole inventor reality show thing and get some exposure for it =) On here, it’s just my boring bio page! Here’s the link to that article: Hope to see your comments there, too! Best wishes! tt

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